Bamboo Countertops Overview

An eco-friendly way of decorating homes could be using bamboo countertops. They give a very natural look and also add beauty to homes without worrying too much about the environment as bamboo is a renewable resource.

Countertops are horizontal work surface used in kitchen, bathroom and workrooms and are used to keep necessary tools, kitchenware, food stuffs and other important materials.

Bamboo Countertops are generally installed upon cabinets and are also supported by the cabinet. Bamboo countertops are placed at a certain height so that they would be easily accessible .They consist of planks of bamboo fastened together with a laminated finish attached with a non-toxic adhesive.

Why use Bamboo as a Countertop material?

Bamboo is a new material for countertop. If you are looking for unique new style to decorate your home, bamboo countertop is a great choice. It is relatively a new trend. This Japanese style countertop sure looks stylish and will add live to the house.

bamboo-countertops Bamboo countertops come in different designs such as Vertical Grain Dark, Vertical Grain Natural, Flat Grain Dark, Parquet End Grain Natural etc. It would be wise to check out all the varieties available in the market before installing to avoid problems occurring in future.

Since bamboo is heat resistant to a good extent, one doesn’t have to worry about scorch marks. Some countertops need to be replaced after a few years but bamboo countertops are very durable as bamboo is tough, strong and hard. Getting one would be a good way of saving as it would last many years.

It is also important to take good care of bamboo countertops to make them last longer. These eco-friendly green bamboo countertops are extremely easy to clean, warm water and mild soap is all you need. Even though these bamboo countertops are hard, cutting vegetables and other stuffs on the surface directly should be avoided, the laminated sheet might get damaged.

Where can I find Bamboo Countertops?

Bamboo countertops are easily available in the market as well as online. One can get it from a store and get information of all kinds from the seller directly. Also, online stores are equally good as all information of each type is given in detail.

Many companies sell bamboo countertops online and they have many varieties to choose from. They give details of each type so that the buyer can research carefully without having to go out of the comfort of his or her home. One click and you could totally get a beautiful bamboo countertop installed at your kitchen, bathroom or workroom.

Sunset Magazine shows its dream kitchen – bamboo countertop on display!

Bamboo countertops are cost-friendly as well. Each variant has different cost which allows the buyer to choose according to their budget. End-grand type bamboo countertop costs around $22 per square foot while plank type bamboo countertop costs around $35 per square foot.

It is important to get a trained professional to install the bamboo countertop as a lot of specialized cuts are required in installing. Bamboo countertops therefore surely provide a trendy alternative of decorating homes so why not get one for your kitchen or bathroom or workroom to deliver the beauty it deserves. You can be among the first to bring this exotic beauty to their homes.

Bamboo vs Other Countertops

Bamboo is one of the choices you have when deciding between different countertop and even cabinet choices. However, the big box chains like Home Depot and Lowes, do not carry bamboo as an option. Moreover, big regional kitchen supply stores do not carry bamboo either. You need to go to specialists like this guy. Are granite countertops the right choice for you? If you are leaning towards concrete countertops you definitely should be considering bamboo as well.